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Brochure Tips

Getting the design and content of a brochure, flyer or leaflet should involve serious thought and planning.

Print in itself may not be a major cost, but distributing your marketing piece - no matter how you do it - significantly adds cost, so make sure your printed matter is going to work as hard as it can. Here's some pointers to help your thought process:

1. Make it stand out.
You need to make sure that your flyer stands out so that your potential customer picks it up to read. Good quality, striking photos or images are a great start, or big, bold statements or headlines.

2. It should be easy to read.
People tend to scan flyers, brochures - and online pages - rather than read them in detail. At least at first. If there's a heading or some kind of graphic that's relevant then they'll read further.

3. Write it for your audience.
You'll know the kind of people or businesses who are idea customers, so write in a language they'll understand. Also think about the content from their point of view - what would you want to know if you were the customer?

4. Include a call to action.
What do you want people to do once they've read your brochure? Look at your website? Phone you? Email you? Whatever it is, make sure they know what's expected - and make it easy for them. For example, if you're directing them to your website then consider creating s special landing page that is relevant to the flyer - that way they'll land on a page which is obviously relevant to what they just read.

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