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7 Tips For Successful Exhibitions

1. Location, Location, Location

Getting a prime location in the exhibition hall can be expensive, but your aim is to be seen by as many people as possible. Not everyone will trudge all the back aisles, so picking somewhere more prominent can make a big difference.

2. Stand Out

You're in a hall with a whole bunch of other companies all trying to do the same as you, so you need a presence that is eye-catching and compelling. Many people will "cruise" up and down the aisles, stopping at something that catches their eye. If these people can't understand your message within 3-5 seconds, then you've lost them.

3. Be Approachable

Once you've got someone's attention you need to get them to approach. The stand itself should be designed to be open and easy to access. More important still is your staff. Who's going to attempt to talk with someone who looks bored, fed up and generally grumpy? I know trade shows hurt - long hours on your feet sometimes with little to do, but you need to keep the good shop-keeper's face on.

4. Offers

Free give-aways can be a good way of promoting your brand. Give people something useful - yes, even the humble branded pen - and they'll use it, and continue to recognise your brand long term. Collecting their contact details in return helps you to build a contact database, but don't be too surprised if lots of people have no genuine interest.

5. Value

When you get some genuine interest on the stand, give away something of value such as a report, white paper, free trial or sample - in return for their contact details and a promise to follow up.

6. Promote

Promote your presence at the exhibition in advance. Use every avenue available to you. Tell existing customers and prospects, and anyone you regularly contact. Put a banner on your email footer and another on your website. If you're going to announce something that's genuinely news-worthy, then work with the press too.